Happy Students, Teachers, and Principals

Great food, helpful staff and clean facility!

- – Kene Washington, DaVinci Charter School

We love AstroCamp! Learning about the universe has never been so engaging, active or fun! The camp is beautiful and the instructors are amazing- so knowledgeable and fabulous with kids. We look forward to Astro every year! (Feel free to use this comment)

- Kathryn O'Brien Stoneybrooke

(This was about food services) Wow! Way beyond expectations. Very much appreciated the adult food. And, the kids food was great.

- Matt Rips, Third Street Elementary

The students learn new things about science that they didn’t know before and/or add depth to their knowledge, they learn to take risks during activities like the zipline and EVM which builds confidence, become more independent, as well as develop new friendships with students.

- Noelle Skaggs, Third Street ES

We love getting them out of their neighborhood and giving them a one of a kind experience. Our kids tend to stay in the neighborhood and this gives them a chance to get out of the city, gain some independence and self confidence, learn some fun science, and disconnect from their electronics. It has completely changed some of our kids.

- Jennifer Turner, Walnut Park Middle School STEM Academy

Our kids had a fabulous experience. Just getting out of the city and experiencing the outdoors was great. They learned things through hands on investigation. They challenged themselves both physically and mentally. They lived together as a group and made new friends. All of it was just incredible. That’s why I don’t mind spending my weekend with them up here (and paying for it.)

- Chris Martin, Walnut Park Middle School STEM Academy

The staff, the facility, the services provided were top notch.

- Gena Polito, St. Margaret Mary School

I wanted them to go home with more scientific knowledge, learn to work with others they do not know in their groups, open their eyes to the beauty around them sans phones, and realize how cool science is when you get to do these hands on activities that aren’t available/allowed in their science classrooms! You provided all of these outcomes!

- Marlisse, Oak Ave

The trip allows many of our students the opportunity to be away from home for the first time. It allows them to experience nature and science together in a fun- different environment outside of the school day. Astrocamp has continually been a great outdoors experience for our students.

- Amanda Kasuyama, Oak Avenue

The majority of the activities done here, cannot be replicated at our school site. Instead of watching a video about these experiments (in our school) the students get to experience them.

- Calie Smejkal, Traweek Middle School

This is an awesome learning opportunity and the leaders are so smart and good with kids.

- Kathryn OBrien, Stoneybrooke Christian school

Keep up facility maintenance, keep the great staff all were top notch, whoever is leading this camp keep up the good work and focus!

- Jacob Knowlton, Stoneybrook Christian

We always want to give our students the best educational experiences possible. AstroCamp allows students to bond and participate in science activities that we could not provide at school.

- Robin Young, Dodson Middle School

The kids and staff LOVED the food. – Samantha Ayala, La Honda STEAM Academy

Food was great this year and the staff was friendly and helpful

- Cindy Magyar, Dodson Middle School

We wanted our students to be pushed out of their comfort zone, while also learning what we (as a school) are unable to offer (at least not to this extent). We wanted the students to be excited about what they were learning, and to being (or continue) wondering about how the world (and universe) around them works and functions. AstroCamp and the entire staff were able to provide these experiences for our students, and I think this will be something they never forget. Thank you!

- Madlain Arabo, Holy Trinity

We wanted our students to gain exposure to areas of science we can not provide them at our school sites. The instructors nailed that! I truly enjoys this experience and I look forward to bringing our next group in.

- Kristy Winbauer, Mira Catalina

The food service staff were excellent. Very helpful and courteous.

- Kristy Winbauer, Mira Catalina

Students will leave here with an abundance of knowledge and can pass down their experiences to the lower levels at school.

- Kristy Winbauer, Mira Catalina

God bless the cooks! The food was delicious and hearty. All staff that our group encountered were always delightful and helpful.

- Dr. Jonathan Young, South Bay Junior Academy

It gives the students an in-depth look at Science, while experiencing time away from home. They also learn to become responsible without their parent(s) around.

- Dr. Jonathan Young, South Bay Junior Academy

It’s the best value in extended education.

- Douglas Schmitz, Casimir Middle School

It remains outstanding. I can’t say enough good about the dining experience. Everyone always comments how good it is.

- Douglas Schmitz, Casimir Middle School

The maintenance crew was excellent. We had and issues with a toilet and text Scott. He sent someone and it was fixed. Thank you!!

- Yvonne, Casimir Middle School

Thank you for being amazing with the kids. Everything was amazing!! Thank you to the cooks and instructors.

- Yvonne, Casimir Middle School

Had a couple of girls who are quiet in class and struggling a bit academically. Over the course of a couple of days, they gained confidence to answer questions, and more importantly, to ask them. This, to me, was a *huge* win. They gained so much confidence. These girls did not want to leave.

- Tom Tsao, Kester

Excellent instructions, attention to details, and ability to make the students feel comfortable.

- Pam Klivet, St Anne’s School

Aligns with our standards and is a wonderful bonding experience (and I’m the lead teacher) This trip was highly worthwhile.

- Pam Klivet, St Anne’s School

It has become an important and eagerly anticipated experience for our 6th graders. Safe, clean, and excellent learning environment

- Elaine Barhart, La Canada Preparatory School

The staff in the kitchen is a strong point of Astrocamp. I don’t think the word NO is in their vocabulary. We had a child with an extremely strict diet and the entire staff went out of their way to assist me in helping him have what he needed. As well, they are extremely friendly and go out of their way to make the campers happy.

- Denton Brazell, Diegueno Country School

The staff went out of their way to calm students that were feeling fearful etc. . . They put safety first and politely made students listen to them when necessary.

- Denton Brazell, Diegueno Country School

The food has always been excellent. Thank you!

- Kim Klein, Diegueno Country School

As always, professional and kind staff.

- Kim Klein, Diegueno Country School

It is a value to the students to learn and bond as a class and it is a value for me as the teacher to see how they interact together.

- Alyson Quast, St James

It is a bonding time for the students, as well as, an excellent academic experience.

- Camille Lockhart (lead Teacher) for Sacred Heart Academy

These are just the best young people (referring to the instructors) and I am so glad they are here at Astrocamp.

- Lisa Groening, The Waverly School

Our school looks for a positive and fun science experience. Astrocamp has been providing this experience for us for over twenty years.

- Joshua Garcia from Sacred Heart Academy
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