NASA’s Orion Spacecraft AstroCamp Style

 NASA’s first launch of Orion draws closer! The new spacecraft is fascinating, and models of it were difficult to find, so we designed our own! This is the result! For those of you who don’t know, Orion is NASA’s new spacecraft, filling the role of the retired space shuttle program. It is designed with versatility

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Darth Vader and a Tesla Coil

What do Darth Vader and Tesla have in Common? Well the answer is AstroCamp! We had a little fun playing with our giant Tesla Coil as Darth Vader from Star Wars.  The tesla coil is the most iconic and well known invention from the proud inventor Nikola Tesla. Tesla’s inventions helped pioneer the modern use

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Liquid Nitrogen Pool Exploration

CAUTION: DO NOT DO THIS WITH SOMEONE IN THE POOL! IT IS VERY DANGEROUS AS THE EVAPORATED NITROGEN DISPLACES THE OXYGEN IN THE AIR AND SOMEONE COULD SUFFOCATE AND POSSIBLE DEATH. At AstroCamp, we love exploring and testing theories. So what do we do when we have excess liquid nitrogen from our summer camp program

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