School Program Communication

We would like to ask for your continued support of Guided Discoveries during these very challenging times. Today, we have to make the tough decision to reschedule our Fall season, based on several factors: First, California still has not made the decision to allow Outdoor Educational programs to open and operate.  Second,  many of our schools and groups are trying to navigate their reopening and start of class — whether it is virtual, in person, or both — and do not have guidance yet on field trips.

From its founding in 1979, Guided Discoveries, a non-profit company, has continued to carry out its mission, to make a difference in the lives of children through unique opportunities of discovery.  In our 42 years, we have served over 1.5 million students from all over the world giving each an insight into the natural world and the opportunity to develop real-world skills. One of the main concerns with the COVID-19 pandemic is that the outdoor education industry will be greatly transformed, mostly denying incredible opportunities for all types of kids, as educational organizations and programs struggle to recover.

As we have already rescheduled the last few months of our Spring season, we will now reschedule Fall field trips. In doing so, we will continue to work with our schools and groups to schedule their trips to a later date. We will be making sure that any money that you have on file will stay in your account and be rolled over to your next trip, whenever that may be.

During the downtime, we have collaborated with a non-profit organization called Ten Strands that has analyzed the pandemic’s short-term and long-term impact on outdoor educational organizations. Suffice it to say outdoor educational programs of all stripes will need support moving forward.  We know the landscape of outdoor education will change but we do not know to what degree.

Continuing to support Guided Discoveries by keeping your deposits on file will offer aid in three main areas, each with the goal of serving your group in the near future. First, it will allow us to maintain our collective knowledge through our educators, this is crucial to our reopening while ensuring that we can deliver our top-notch experiences.  Second, it will allow us to maintain facilities so they are at the high standard our guests have always enjoyed. Finally, the deposits will allow us time to develop new and much-needed programs for kids from all walks of life in the wake of COVID-19 and serve another 1.5 million-plus students for decades to come.

We have made it our goal to always keep tuition prices low enough so that students and schools from all over would be able to afford an experience at our program.  With your continued support, we will be able to continue that precedent and welcome you back as soon as overnight trips are sanctioned.  We will be offering your students experiences they have come to look forward to as soon as possible and will continue to make a positive difference in the lives of children for many years to come.

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