Adventure Programs

Expedition Valles Marineris 

In this class, students will be transported to our research station on Mars and will have the opportunity to scale the walls of Valles Marineris. While preparing to climb, students will learn facts about Mars by using MIRA, our Mars Interactive Research Assistant, which incorporates touch screen computers and our custom designed software. This class is more than just a rock wall; it is an amazing experience!


Initiatives is a series of games and challenges of increasing difficulty, all designed to foster cooperation, collaboration, communication, trust, leadership, respect, and acceptance. The course is part of a fundamental education plan to improve group dynamics. We view every study group that comes to AstroCamp as a team. Without exception, every team that works well together enjoys their experience more. This class is a prerequisite for all of our ropes course options.

The Ropes Course (Initiatives class is a prerequisite for these activities)


Walking across a log might seem simple. Unless that log is suspended 25ft. in the air. Then everything changes… High ropes activities can be immensely positive experiences. Our ropes course operates under the Challenge By Choice philosophy, meaning that each student chooses his or her own level of participation. Students are asked to make a contract with themselves and with their classmates to expand their comfort zones and support each other’s choices without exception. Each of our elements is mentally and physically rigorous, requiring students to trust and communicate with one another. All instructors are thoroughly trained in the safe operation of each element.

Three-day groups may chose up to 2 elements and five-day groups may chose up to 4 elements.

Catwalk – Students scramble 25ft. up a tree and balance their way across a horizontal log high up in the trees.

Vinewalk – Students climb the base of a huge Ponderosa pine, pull themselves up on a tightrope, and walk across assisted by overhanging “vines.”

Power Pole – Students climb up a telephone pole, carefully balance on top, and then lunge into the open air attempting to strike a ball dangling just out of reach.

Sky Coaster – One of our most popular classes! Working together, students pull each other up in the air to their desired height (maximum 40ft.). Then the student pulls on a ripcord and sails through the air!

Zip Line – Our newest element challenges students with a cargo net climb followed by a 700-foot zip across a meadow!