Evening Programs

In addition to the daytime classes offered for school groups, AstroCamp boasts fun and exciting programs for students in the evening.

Astronomy – Space Night

Space night is our signature evening program. It consists of two distinct parts: a mini night hike and telescope viewing. Groups depart for a short walk on a nearby trail as darkness arrives. The hike includes sensory-awareness games, stories, stargazing, and demonstrations of our ability to adjust to darkness. Groups will then go to one of our two fully-equipped telescope viewing areas to take advantage of two of AstroCamp’s best assets: our array of excellent viewing instruments and Idyllwild’s beautiful, clear skies. Assigned their own portion of the viewing area, each group has at their disposal: five binoculars, a massive 12″ Dobsonian telescope, and a computerized Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope (SCT) of either 10″ or 12″ diameter.

Free Swim

Enjoy open swim time in our 144,000-gallon heated indoor pool for an evening program. Watched over by our certified lifeguards, kids are free to splash about with the provided kickboards, balls, and other aquatic toys.

Interstellar Auction

Groups plan and bid for extra-solar planets and the materials necessary to colonize them in an exciting auction. It’s an active and thought-provoking activity requiring group cooperation and compromise.

Messier Madness

This indoor/outdoor activity combines a group clue hunt with discovering and presenting information about deep space objects. Messier Madness begins with an introduction to Messier objects, favorite targets of amateur astronomers. Later, students search around camp for clues about their particular object, flashlights in hand.


Astro Jeopardy (Five Day groups only)

Test your knowledge in this AstroCamp version of everybody’s favorite game show! This activity is designed to be a cumulative experience for your five-day program.

Our Campus

School Night

Utilize this choice when you have your own program in mind. We have plenty of resources available: the conference center and the theater-like Star Gallery with their large screens and video projectors, and the gym with its facilities for physical activities. Props, costumes, and other equipment are available, as well. This is an activity usually facilitated by the school’s lead teacher with the assistance from the Program Coordinator and Assistant Program Coordinator.

Whirling Windmills

Most wind turbines have three blades, and that’s the amount we see most commonly in our whirling windmills class here at AstroCamp.

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