DIY Watermelon Explosion

Here’s a fun summer experiment that ends with watermelon EVERYWHERE! Be sure to wear proper eye protection…delicious debris will fly in all directions. You’ll need one watermelon, a LOT of rubber bands, and an outdoor area that can get very, very messy. Cover your explosion zone with a large tarp for easier clean-up!

Step 1: Place a rubber band around the middle of the melon.


Step 2: Repeat step 1 until…


Check out the huge ball of rubber bands flying off to the right! It’s easier to see in slow motion:

Step 3: Snack. (At least with what is left!)

It can take a few hundred rubber bands to create enough of a squeeze to shatter the watermelon rind (the size of that rubber band ball should give you an idea of the volume involved), but the results are worth it! We had a great time with this one and hope you will too.


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