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Summer Camp Registration Open

AstroCamp, our premier science and adventure program for summer camp in California is now open for camper registration. Register now and you will receive last year’s rates, a savings of up to $255.00. This amazing savings will ONLY be available until December 31st. You can choose from one or two-week sessions.

The 1-week campers ages 8-14 will spend their mornings at our core activities such as rockets, the study of meteors, solar energy, GPS treasure hunting and much, much more. The afternoon is comprised of designing your own adventure. All of AstroCamp’s activities are hands-on and designed for campers to build their scientific knowledge, independence, and confidence as well as enjoy their time with friends and our professional staff.

One-Week Session 1:  June 13 – 19 *      $1,050.00
One-Week Session 2:  June 20 – 26        $1,150.00
One-Week Session 3:  June 27 – July 3   $1,150.00

Rates: *AstroCamp Session 1 is $1,050.00 (Sign up before December 31st and pay last year’s rate $850.00). AstroCamp Sessions 2 and 3 are $1,150.00 each (Sign up before December 31st and pay last year’s rate of $950.00)

The 2-week campers ages 10-17 design their own schedules by choosing from more than 40 different activities including new classes such as Dungeons and Dragons, LARPing, blacksmithing plus many more. Beyond all of the great science, adventure, and hands-on activities that campers experience throughout the day, the camp fun continues with our unique social program. Each night campers engage in campfire activities, including a carnival, olympics, and a dance.

Two-Week Session 1:  July 5 – 17     $2,150.00
Two-Week Session 2:  July 19 – 31   $2,150.00

Rate: $2,150.00 (Sign up before December 31st and pay last year’s rate of $1,895.00)

Space is limited so turn in your NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $200 now. We can’t wait to welcome your camper for an experience of a lifetime!


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